Who we are and what we do

Five Stars App Solutions is a tech startup that specializes in apt digital and 3D printed solutions that disrupt traditional methods and help create affordable alternatives for local communities. We build apps, create training, marketing and onboarding content plus branding assets such as ads, logos, newsletters, websites and asset libraries for companies and organizations. We also have launched several digital solutions such as a heart monitor app, soulmate matching app, and a taxi service app in Tulsa. Our 3D printed designs such as Safe House Foundation (patent pending) and Food Stash Receptacle, are used to protect and serve the local community.

Web Services and Design


Software Development- 4wks, starting at $4K

Graphic Design- Ranges start at 1 day for logos to 1 month for Ads and Creatives (contact us for pricing)

Web Design- 1 week, starting at $ 299

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Five Stars - Pick Me Up App
*(Only available now in Tulsa)

Ride-share App

Subscription based rides for unlimited scheduled rides and one-off rides and stops.

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Five Stars Heart Monitor

Health App

This app is a diagnostic and analytical app that allows cardiologists, medical researchers and healthcare providers monitor their patients' heart performance by receiving data, alerts and vital readings virtually as requested and partnering with their caregivers to save time, intervals between and duration of appointments and thereby reducing staffing costs.

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Five Stars Soulmate App

Matching App

Get matched to your soulmate, with a powerful algorithm that matches even details such as income, habits, goals, religious/ political beliefs and more. Also get access to secrets (just woke up selfie, deal breaker, biggest baggage), even before you make your first move

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Safe House Foundation
(patent pending)

3D Printed design paired with a secured app

Provides a means for houses to be protected during natural and man made disasters taking place around the home, such as floods, tornadoes, even earth quakes, burglary and war.

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Five Star Car Rider's App

Security App

Provides an extra layer of security to drop off and pick up in schools, saving teachers or kids the hassle of standing outside to wait for parents, reducing number of teachers needed for this task and making parents feel at ease that their kids are safe before and after school.

Request for Demo (Schools and Daycare Providers only)

Five Star Dash Cam

Security App

Provides an extra layer of protection against racial profiling during car arrests by recording an incident in real time; can also be broadcast live to an individual, or streamed on social media, recorded and shared. (Voice and Facial recognition enabled)

Book for Demo (Currently only available to non-profits and social activists organizations)

Food Stash Receptacle

3D Printed Design

3D Printed receiver, connecting food pantries with commercial food wholesalers. Reuse and  recycle food waste (Compost-maker included)

Book for Demo (Exclusively for Lowe's Vendors)